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Welcome to the Access Warriors Home page!

Follow the links on the right to find out more about the Access warriors, and look at some of the photographs of our events.

See the photos of the Manchester run.  We ran in a relay to the Labour Party Conference in Manchester to protest against the war in Iraq (and other issues).


History of the club

A group of runners got together in 1998 to protest about the amount of moor land that was closed to the public.  So we organised a trespass fell run.



Kev's Clover Saturday 2rd October 2010 11 am

One of our members Kevin Murphy sadly died of cancer in 2005.  To celebrate his life we have an annual run.  To avoid excessive individual competition it is for teams of 4.  There are four legs each of about 7.5 miles.  They are run simultaneously.

For the routes click here.

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For results 2007 click here.

Pictures are here.

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To see one memorial to Kev go here..

To obtain a collection sheet go here..



Annual Stop the War run

Four years ago we organised an urban fell run to oppose the invasion of Iraq.   This report is from the Star.        




Round Rotherham Relay Race

  There is the Round Rotherham Relay Race. 

Contact Dick Williams 2748431 if you want to run. 


Long Distance Run

A Totley runner and artist Alison Douglas sadly died of cancer. Some of her friends and fellow runners want to commemorate her life with a long run. We plan to meet 10 am Sunday 13th December at the Grouse. The route is very roughly Heart shaped. It consists of the outer leaves of the clover. The proposed route is here

Contact Dick at d.a.pitt@shu.ac.uk if you are interested.




E-mail comments to d.a.pitt@shu.ac.uk/SPAN>


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