Kev's Clover

The Grouse (Longshore estate)

Saturday 6th October 11 am









Kev's clover consists of four runs each of about 7 miles. They all start from the Grouse Pub near the top of Froggat, Longshore estate at 11 am. The idea is that teams of 4 compete in a simultaneous relay race. So that all team members arrive back at roughly 12.15. The times of team members are aggregated and the team with the shortest aggregate time wins the Kev Clover Cup.

The routes are at

Click on map where an "S" is for pictures of that leg.

It costs 10 per team (this covers the cost of the room)


There is a fun run and /fun walk if you do not fancy the competitive element. (This starts 11.05 from the Grouse)

The run is a mixture of enjoyment of the countryside, of running, of socialising, a bit of politics and also in remembrance of a lovely man.

Feel free to raise money for any charity of your choice. The organisers' charity is for children's projects in Palestine.


All runners and walkers do so at their own risk.

Contact to enter